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Saturday, November 11, 2006

I want a bunny!

I think I mentioned that I just returned from Learning2006, a performance, development, elearning, training etc etc conference in Orlando.

One of the keynote speakers was the editor-in-chief of PC Magazine. In addition to looking like a younger and less-insane Tom Cruise, he impressed the crowd with his cool toys.

Everyone was making a mental shopping list. Top on my list is the wi/fi bunny. I know, we don't have a wireless network, but what better reason could there be to have a wireless network than to adopt one of these:

Now, it's just an elevated stuffed animal, but not fluffy. It really is completely purposeless, even though it will read the news to you and wake you up. In person (I don't know if this really comes across on the website), it is the cutest thing! Except when you remove the ears (why would they make the ears removable!?).

So, we'll see if Santa brings me a could get one too, and they could conversate across the great distances.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want one too! But, the $149 price tag might be a little too high...

8:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got one! and he's totally worth it! it's really fun to play around with the services they offer and you can even create your own because of the open API. i don't really know much about writing code but they offer a few tutorials on how to make your rabbit do what you want. also, there's a newer version coming out before christmas and he's got a microphone and a sense of smell! plus unlimited streaming audio! i guess i'll have 2 rabbits by the end of the year!

5:17 AM


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