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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let the birthday week begin!

Several years ago, I started the tradition of the "birthday week." The birthday week came about for several reasons:
1. Birthdays often fall on boring days, like Tuesdays - who wants to celebrate on a Tuesday?!
2. Sometimes, people forgot my birthday, creating guilt that doing so had caused me to feel unloved and forgotten (it doesn't, as I am often behind on sending birthday greeting myself!)
3. Twenty-four hours is not enough time to enjoy a birthday!

So, now I celebrate a birthday week, and encourage others to do the same. Much like any other holiday week, the birthday week runs from Friday afternoon, through the weekend, then the week and ends the next weekend (Sunday evening!). I have campaigned to have the birthday week further extended to the birthday month, but I haven't gotten anyone to buy in on that one yet.

In any case, this Friday began my birthday week! So far, this has meant much shopping (Thanks Mom!), lots of movies and popcorn and just hanging out at home.

Recommendation: next time your b-day rolls around, go for the birthday week!


Blogger Corrie said...

Happy Birthday Week!!!

8:57 AM

Blogger Angela said...

We have presentzes for you when you get to Chicago. This year, you are having a two-city birthday week :)

9:26 AM


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