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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Change...Or Maybe Not

Lee's New Glasses

Lee recently got new glasses.

Lee's Old Glasses

You can tell the difference between Lee's old and new glasses, right? :) As it so happens, the Parkers are not eager fans of mixing things up. We like our predictable life and do not consider shifting out of that predictability easily. Another example: it took us five months to decide that Lee would leave his job to care for Corbin full-time while I worked.

While it was the best decision at the time (both our job benefits/pay were about equal, Lee is fabulous with Corbin, I am energized by taking on increasing responsibilities at work), the world shifted a bit for us in February. For details, refer to February 3rd's press release: Huntington Eliminates Incentives and note, it wasn't just the incentives that were eliminated.... So, we got a little nervous. It's challenging working for a midwestern bank right now - even a great one - especially when the last one you worked for doesn't exist anymore.

After much discussion and angst, we decided to tuck in and take a more conservative approach. So, Lee reached out to his former employer. We were very fortunate that he was able to return to his position two weeks ago.

I have also been very fortunate. I am able to continue in my role but with a shortened week so that I can spend Fridays with Corbin. Grammas W. and C. will watch our treasure the rest of the week. March is a bit unusual, as Gramma W. is deep in the heart of Florida and Gramma C. is deep in the heart of tax season. Fortunately, Maymee and Baba are helping bridge the childcare gap.

So, while it took us months and months to make a big strategic shift, we shifted back in the space of ten days. And it isn't really "back" (that would be too easy!) because starting in April, we will be two simultaneously-working parents. Up until now we have managed, between various work leaves and Lee's resignation, to have one of us home with Corbin almost continually for eight months. Our heads are still spinning a bit. But overall, we are very blessed, especially when so many are struggling in these anxious financial times.

So, for all of you who shared our excitement when Lee decided to stay home, send a happy thought his way as he starts his third week back on Monday - he misses our little mouse.

All our best to you - 'night


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