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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Evanston - Then and Now

The summer between my junior and senior year in high school I attended a journalism program at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. It was one of the defining times of my life - a great learning experience formally (though not a journalist, I do write for a living) and informally (for example, I learned yellow is not my color).

In the spring of 2007, Lee and I traveled to Chicago to watch our brother-in-law graduate from law school. Since we were staying in Evanston, we spent the morning touring my old stomping grounds. On these types of adventures, it is always interesting to see what has changed and what has not. Lee indulged me by taking quite a few pictures like this. My NU roomie and I thought this Greek gentleman was quite the hottie. We passed him each day on the way to class. 2007 finds him still in great shape and - nice surprise - his finish is looking quite spiffy!

More changes..

Journalism Lockdown

We spend five hours each weekday in this room, writing away. I was pleased to see the MANUAL typewriters (goodness sakes it was 1987 - surely there were PCs somewhere!) had been replaced. Comfier chairs too.

Of course, many things were the same...

The "Beach"

Every weekend night found us here - cooking hotdogs on the firepit, partaking of beverages and swimming (ick) in the Lake.

Fisk Hall

The stairs in the lecture hall were exactly as I remembered.


And best of all, the tiny chapel I discovered on my second-to-last day of the summer program. I dragged Lee around for an hour until we rediscovered it.


There are several very impressive churches on and around NU's campus, but I love this one best of all - with only ten pews, standing alone inside it is like being sheltered in the hand of God.



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