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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grand Canyon - Day Two

Canyon Floor

The next day starting out was beautiful, with rain in the distance turning the sky, inner canyon and river into a dramatic vista. The views grew more stunning as the day continued, and by lunch at Indian Gardens we could see the rain clouds in the distance.

Indian Gardens

I was so grateful and felt very selfish for having prayed for Big Horn Sheep. All the beauty we had seen was enough. Now often when you stop praying and start thanking, your prayers come true. One hour later...

Big Horn Sheep

...down the hill came the Sheep! We stood there, mouths open, snapping pictures like crazy. Now, this was no big deal for the sheep who have admirers daily but it was pretty cool for us. Just an hour or so later, we reached the rim, hit the lodge buffet and crashed in our beds. The next morning, before driving to Phoenix to catch our flight out, we managed one more great view - sunrise off the walls of the south rim.

South Rim Sunrise


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