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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Busy People, Busy People...

Working Hard All Over Town
Busy When the Sun Goes Up
Busy When the Sun Goes Down

For those in the Parker household - ie Lee and the dogs - the last few weeks I've been hard to live with. I have been leading the implementation team for our new Learning Management System, with a go-live day of April 30th. I have been putting in extra extra hours and the stress has been getting to me. I knew it was time for a break after the dream I had last night.

I dreamed I got a 78 percent on my Finance exam. Now, I:
  • haven't been in a Finance class in two years
  • loved Finance but am not an ace at it
  • received a B- even though I got a 78 (my dream professor really values my enthusiasm for Finance)
Being me, I was shocked and began to analyze the test for my mistakes. I lost several points for failing to carry a "5" in an amoritization problem and several more for not factoring in the square root of something (did I mention I LOVE Finance!)

The capstone, though, was the Busy People problem. If you aren't familar with Busy People, they are children's author Richard Scary's tribute to work - Busy Town books with worms and foxes and cats all working - baking, fighting fires, etc. There is a video too, with the song noted above.

Anyway, my Busy People problem was a word search. I had to find eighteen hidden words, like "Busytown" and "Bakery". Not Finance words, mind you. So, I only found six. Not because I couldn't find the other 12, just because I was tired of Busy Town Finance. I gave up. Just didn't care.

I need a vacation!


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