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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year!

Yikes! It's been quite some time since my last post, owing to a crazy busy Christmas-time. Lee and I were lucky to have family over on Christmas Day and had fun cooking dinner for all 10 of us. It was a bit challenging as I had to improvise - I forgot that no grocery stores would be open on Christmas Day, so the menu got tweeked. All in all though, a wonderful time.

Today Lee and I finally tackled the first of a series of projects designed to get us to a king-size bed. After seven years of wedded bliss, we can't take the full-size mattress anymore. So here is how it breaks down:

0. Clear out our guest bedroom in preparation for holiday visitors (the "guest" bedroom is where all the "to-be-put-away" items live until they are put away. We had things in there from October!).

1. Paint guest bedroom. This is the project we are working on today. These things always take longer than you think. Once we got the first coat on, we realized that the ceiling was filthy. FILTHY! So we just painted the ceiling too. And of course, we had to paint the closet because we are perfectionists. A little trim, one more coat on the walls, and we are done and ready for step two.

2. Move our (small) bed into the guest bedroom and sleep in there while...

3. Paint our bedroom and Lee's bath. I am dreading this as the room has all these nooks and weird angles. We will not be painting the closets. I am jazzed though, as we picked out a really pretty, subtle deep purple-ly shade. Of four options, it was Lee's first pick (he's not a "purple person") and my first pick too.

4. Buy the biggest bed we can! Lee asked me if there is a bed size bigger than King. I said yes, but if we got a California King we'd have to hop from dresser to bed to bathroom, as the floor would no longer be visible.

Well, back to painting!



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