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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas back in Columbus

So this past weekend, Lee, Sparky and I headed off to cut down our own Christmas tree. For the past few years, we've gone to a Christmas tree farm in Somerset, Ohio with one dog - this was Sparky's year.

The tree farm has a little log cabin and they serve mulled cider. Lee always sneaks back for seconds!

A horse-drawn wagon takes you to the area of trees you want - long-needle, spruce and such. We always pick the Canaan fir. Short-needles and very tolerant. Last year it lasted 'til February! (We'll try to un-decorate a little earlier this year!).

After finding the perfect tree, the horse-drawn wagon picks everyone back up for a return trip to the cabin.

Sparky thought the whole adventure was fun but confusing as he was convinced the horse was just the biggest dog he'd ever met.

The tree went up tonight and will get decorations on Saturday. Tomorrow I'm headed north with Mom to bake cookies at my sister's home. It's good to get some girl time in and visit her house, since Deb, Greg and the twins will head down here for Christmas.



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