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Monday, November 27, 2006


It's Monday and I owe you an update on our wonderful holiday weekend in Chicago. We had a great time - it's a blessing to be with family this time of year. Details will have to wait though, as I am a bit worn out from today.

Do you ever start a day right on track, with enthusiasm and a plan, plus your favorite outfit and then it all goes crazy?

1. One of my team members resigned. Although it was for the right reason - to follow the dream of her heart - it still came from left field for me (and the rest of our team). I will miss her, as she it a bright young woman with a tremendous future.

2. My pony got sick over the holiday - rumor has it she ate too much turkey.
She had a bout of colic and a leg boo-boo to boot. She perked up over the weekend but the leg ballooned up this afternoon and the vet came out again.

The barn manager said it's important to keep equine vets in business, as there aren't many that specialize in horses only anymore. She was trying to be helpful, but I think Rally overheard and feels it's her personal mission in life to see the vet every six months.

So, I just got back from the barn after giving her hugs and kisses. Her leg is wrapped and she has "happy" medicine. I imagine she will be fine soon, but send her a horsey prayer just in case.

For now, I'm off to snuggle in my favorite pjs and watch bad-for-me tv.



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