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Monday, November 20, 2006

Merry Christmas!

OK - I give up! We're skipping the fall decorations this year and moving directly on to Christmas.

It's better this way, as I typically start my Christmas decorating 'round 'bout the 20th, which stresses me out. For example, I have a really beautiful Advent calendar my sister made - a wooden Christmas tree with a little gold star for each day before Christmas. Each year I set it up I have to flip 20 of the stars at once - no fun!

You can see we already took care of one Christmas errand - the boys posed so patiently for us this weekend. Aren't they the most gorgeous gentlemen?! They know they have to be good if they're going to get presents this year!

Just because we're skipping fall decorations doesn't mean we're skipping Thanksgiving. Lee's sister and her husband are welcoming us to their home in Chicago and rumor has it there will be multiple pies!!!! We're also planning on rising early for the day-after-Thanksgiving shopping - a holiday tradition JR introduced us to when he joined the family. It sounds insane but is actually quite the adventure; although, being old, we are only up to it every other year :)



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