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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving!

Many years ago, I started a gratitude journel. I am fairly inconsistent when it comes to adding entries, but every year at Thanksgiving I read through past gratitudes and add some new ones. As I look through my gratitude journel tonight, I thought you might be interested in taking a peek. I am grateful and thankful for:
*tacky but charming roadside animals
*free fast food from winning game pieces
*surprise visits from woodpeckers
*the camels and elephants at the baseball opening day parade
*the view of the Little Miami River valley from Fort Ancient (a Hopewell site in southern Ohio)
*Bare Naked Ladies doing the "Near/Far" routine from Sesame Street with a segueway into the theme song from "Titanic"
*Zeeba's spunk
*leveraging the Gahanna Flea market to get Christmas shopping done early (didn't happen this year!)

Of course there are quite a few names in the journel too, as I'm most grateful for family and friends. Lee and I are lucky to be close to our family (physically and heart-wise). Many are not so fortunate. We are blessed to have close friends who have know us so long they understand and forgive all our mistakes and shortcomings. We are also fortunate to have new friends come into our lives.

So, to all of you - Thank you Thank you Thank you - you are better than the best parade or valley-view and I am thankful for you!



Blogger Marilyn said...


I like your blog and a love the pics of your "gentlemen." Will Lee let you post a pic of him next time?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aunt Marilyn

11:06 AM


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