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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thanksgiving - Tree No. 2

Black Friday was:
1. Early
2. Cold but not too cold - 40 degrees
3. Fun!!!!!

After the chaos, we went back to Angela and Justin's apartment, dropped off our "presents" (mostly presents for ourselves!) and headed downtown, which in Chicago is an event. It was Christmas everywhere. The highlight of the day for me was Tree No. 2. It was the multi-story tree in the downtown Marshall Field's store (now Macy's - boo). The tree was a "Wedgewood" tree, decorated with blue-and-white Wedgewood boxes, thousands of tiny white lights and large white poinsetta blooms. It was stunning. It brought to mind the stories my mother told me about going into downtown Pittsburgh for Christmas shopping - what an awe-inspiring experience for a child, seeing Christmas through eyes that believe in Santa.

The city knows how to do Christmas!


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