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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thanksgiving - Tree No. 1

OK - I need to take a few minutes to tell you about the wonderful Thanksgiving Lee and I had visiting his sister Angela and brother-in-law Justin in Chicago. You can check out a pretty thorough replay of our itinerary at Angela's Blog, including a great and very accurate description of our Black Friday experience. So, I'll just add a few unique snippets, with the help of Thing, our UglyDoll.

We tried something new this year and flew on Thanksgiving Day (vs. the day before). It worked out so well- short lines, beautiful weather and a landing song from one of the flight attendants - just one of the reasons we love Southwest! Southwest is located in a new area of the Columbus terminal so we got to see a beautiful tree (Tree #1). All the ornaments on the tree are made of white paper straws.

Justin chauffeured us from the airport (a treat! we usually take the train). We had a wonderful turkey and yummy side dishes. Then, we sprawled about the apartment and spent hours deciding which new electronic gadgets we couldn't live without, in preparation for the Black Friday sales.

Thing and his cousins helped.


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