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Monday, April 02, 2007

OK, it's been a while

Clifton Gorge

Well - if anyone is still out there, I finally made it back to my blog. I think about blogging every day, but between work heating up and preparing for upcoming crazy challenges (yes, Debra, a half marathon sounds like a great idea! Yes, Julie, let's finally hike up and down that Grand Canyon thingy!) I haven't had much opportunity for updates. I'm going to try to go heavy on the pics and light on the content, in order to catch up.

To get started, here are a few pics of Clifton Gorge. Lee and I hiked Clifton Gorge and John Bryant State Park last weekend - 7ish mile up and down - as prep for my Grand Canyon trip in May. If hiking 7ish miles doesn't appeal to you, I recommend sticking to the Clifton Gorge trail - take the rim out and then travel down by the Little Miami river. Great views - huge slabs of limestone displaced into the river a millenia ago. Especially nice now with the wildflowers beginning to peek out.

Tweek, our newest and littlest Ugly Doll, journeyed with us and had fun. We letterboxed as well and Tweek followed the letterbox directions to locate the abandoned statue of Horace Mann, founder of Antioch College, in a field. Enjoy the pics of Tweek with the wildflowers and the formerly-famous Horace Mann!


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