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Monday, April 02, 2007

Can't wait for Christmas!

Yes, I know - it's almost Easter, but I have a wonderful addition to my Christmas ensemble and I can't wait to enjoy it so it's displayed right now!

Backstory: Many years ago, while admiring my mother's creche - the one Debra and I grew up setting up every Christmas, I realized there was only one creche and two daughters. Doing the math (sorry, Mom, we really haven't already divided up your belongings) and wanting to avoid a far-in-the-future argument over who would inherit the creche, I began to pursue a plan. I would recreate the creche and all its inhabitants one piece at a time. This has been a great adventure. Each piece (the calf from our German honeymoon, the donkey found at the bottom of a box from an auction, the wingless angel) has a story and I really love them all. I have managed to stick to some initial rules - no more than $5/piece, no ebay (of course there WAS no ebay when I started) and only German or Italian pieces. As an aside Baby Jesus' are really difficult to find, so mine is a little rough around the edges.

ANYWAY, I was using a small manger that came my way at some point, but my little Christmas family couldn't fit. Well, the actual holy family could but they had to kick out the calf and the donkey, and the angels too - even poor Claire, the wingless one.

So I needed a new manger, one that more truthfully evoked the original of my childhood.
The Inspiration

By good fortune, our neighbor is very talented in the small building construction department. Up to this point his skills have been mostly employed in replicating buildings around which miniature soldiers march (as many of you know, my husband and his friends are strategy game guys). It was time to call on Mike's talents for a more peaceful purpose. And here it is, my new manger! Notice that everyone is cozy, except for the shepherds and the wise men, who are just arriving. In fact there is now room for a mama donkey and mama cow, when they are found. And some more angels. Special little details I love - the shingles - check them out! - and a little light in the loft.

Everyone Warm and Cozy

Check Out the Shingles!
(That's Claire in the green dress with the violin.)

Merry Christmas!


Blogger Angela said...

It's funny that you wrote about Christmas because yesterday JR declared that he couldn't wait for Christmas and started singing "Baby It's Cold Outside" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

8:51 AM


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