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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shelties Win Big!

Sparky and His Ribbons

Will Aiden Beat Out the Beagle?

April 28th our dog training club sponsered an AKC Rally/Obedience trial and we decided it was time to enter the ring again. This was Lee and Sparky's second time in the Rally ring, and Sparky - although a little bewildered by all the activity - performed admiredly and brought home a fourth place ribbon, one more qualifying ribbon for his Rally Novice title (only one more to go!) and a very cool squeaky toy as a prize.

Aiden managed to be in the running too, with a score of 99 out of 100 (that one lost point was handler error - sorry Aiden). Two show-offy Goldens took first and second, so it was down to third or fourth between Aiden and the beagle - both with scores of 99. It would come down to time - which dog had finished the course faster.....

Aiden! A nice third place finish - watch out Goldens, next time you're ours!

To learn more about Rally, check out the AKC website.


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