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Monday, October 27, 2008

Go Band!

Color Guard Alum

Lee mentioned I was a little tired yesterday...I just can't march like I used to! This past Saturday was homecoming weekend at Miami University and once again Lee and I headed to Oxford, Ohio so I could relive my days on Miami's Color Guard. Thanks to our good friend Jenn for talking me into it this year. As you can tell from the pic, Corbin couldn't take his eyes off of Auntie Jenn (I think the feeling was mutual!).

Corbin and Auntie Jenn

Everything is a little bit more challenging with a baby, but after marching with her for 20 years now, I was glad not to miss it.

Corbin Gets Tattoo'ed

Corbin hung in there, having a great time learning to be a Redhawks fan.
Check out his Big Red "M" tattoo! Visit again next week for an update on Corbin's Halloween adventures. (Hint: ROAR!)


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