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Sunday, November 09, 2008



Corbin enjoyed a week-long Halloween celebration, starting Sunday, October 26 with the Huntington Hills parade. Unlike the entire City of Columbus and Pickerington itself, our subdivision conducts Trick or Treat on a Sunday afternoon (that's right folks, broad daylight). Until this year, we mocked the Huntington Hills celebration and refused to participate - what fun is Trick or Treating unless it happens in the dark? This year however, with a little one to show off, we decided to join in the fun. Gramma W helped us suit up and we all paraded through the subdivision to the community park, where we snagged cider and donuts.

Gramma W and Corbin

Fire Truck Leads HH Parade

Then Corbin Trick or Treated to a few houses. I must say, most people happily gave Corbin goodies knowing that Mommy and Daddy would be munching on them, some tried to find something to offer suitable for a 4-month-old ("How about Sweet Tarts - there isn't any chocolate in them?" !!!) and only one or two looked at us like, "Really, are you kidding me, are you that desperate for a Snickers?"

First Stop: Grandma C's House

Now of course, we had to get some night time Trick or Treating in, so on Friday, October 31 we headed over to Grandma C's house, suited up and started out with Lee's sister, brother-in-law and their 9-month-old.

Corbin's Cousin as a Little Devil

Much fun was had and the people of Olde Gahanna were very generous. Corbin took it all in stride - next year he'll be an old pro. But for now, he's off to bed!



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