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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Swing Into Spring

First Blooms of 2009

Once again our optimistic crocus bloomed early, despite Central Ohio's typical March lion-lamb-lion again weather. It has been wonderfully beautiful this week - in the mid-60s. We had a special treat when our dryer broke and I had an excuse to violate our home owners' association rules and hang clothes on a makeshift clothesline in the backyard. I've been smelling the sun in my towels and jamis all week!

We all - mommy, daddy, shelties and baby - took a walk to the local park (Corbin's finally big enough to sit up in the stroller!). Corbin had his first ride in a swing. Even though it was more like a rocking, wiggling event as the safety strap was questionable, he loved it. Check out the dinosaur socks!


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