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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby goes ballistic

So, as usual this time of year, parents take little ones to see the Easter bunny at the mall. We gathered up our little one with the optimism of first time parents. Corbin has not had any problem with strangers, Santa Claus, etc., so we had reason to be hopeful.

Corbin bebopped along through the hour wait, all smiles, flirting with the ladies in line. We began to pat ourselves on the back for making a great a experience for baby...until:

Poor Easter bunny. He tried so hard, but Corbin was having none of it. Ah well, we accepted it, knowing that not every holiday photo was going to go well. Little did we know, Corbin was to express his unhappiness by, yes, projectile vomiting on himself, me, Jean, the floor....thankfully not the bunny.

Sunday turned out to be better:

Corbin likes his books especially. Mom and Dad had to help him with the chocolate, but we are willing to make that sacrifice :)

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