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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Corbin and the Cot

Corbin is getting ready to transition from his Infant classroom to Toddler at "school". To transition he needs to 1. Sleep in a cot 2. Drink from a non-sippy cup (no lid). No luck on the non-sippy cup ("No! Put lid on! Put lid on NOW!), but he's doing well with the cot. Here's a note from his teacher:
Just wanted to drop a little note about Corbin. We tried a cot for the first time today! He did great. I was sitting next to him, patting his back for a few minutes before he fell asleep. We talked for a little bit before he fell asleep; Corbin said "Elizabeth's cot," and "Ana on cot." I took a few pictures too.

The first one, he is just looking at me saying "picture, Corbin's picture."

Just before the second picture, I said, "Corbin, try to go to sleep," so he closed his eyes really tight and smiled!



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