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Sunday, February 07, 2010

I've Been Good, Santa Claus

Please Bring a Pony!

Every year, the good elves in our neighborhood put up a mailbox for letters to Santa. It was so special this year that Corbin was able to drop the letter in the box himself - even though he needed a little help writing it!

Then, a few weeks later, Santa Claus dropped by! Although we had talked about Santa for weeks, when Corbin saw him at the door he did not want to visit AT ALL. No sitting on Santa's lap, no smiling, no hellos - until the candy cane came out. Even then, Corbin just gave a little grin.

Shortly after Santa went onto the next house, Lee ran out to pick up dinner. Upon returning, he ran the doorbell. Immediately, Corbin shouted out "Santa Closet" and ran excitedly to the door, only to be disappointed. From then on, well into January, Santa Closet came up frequently in conversation especially when the subject was presents!
Santa Closet Visits Corbin

See you next year, Santa Closet!


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