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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Merry-land with a Side of Caffeine

Corbin's Special Maryland Smile
In August (oh so long ago - shame shame on me!), Corbin and I traveled with Gramma and PopPop to visit Aunt P. and Uncle C. in Maryland. We had a great time and Aunt P. sent a lovely note afterward with a summary of our visit. She sends a similar recap each time we have a chance to visit and together they create a meaningful and special look back at our shared history. I thought I'd intersperse her comments in italics in this post.
Corbin's sleeping and eating schedules ruled our mornings, but we managed to get out each day for a few hours. We took Jean to Whole Foods in Gaithersburg (a new adventure for us); shopped in Frederick (Wonder Books, Ollie's) and went to the Delaplaine galleries (not their best show!)
I LOVE Wonder Books - it's my second favorite used bookstore in the country, with Powell's in Portland, Oregon being my favorite. Wonder Books is great because it's so completely disorganized and they are in no rush to get rid of their inventory. Perfect for browsing. Best find I didn't buy - giant posters for workplace safety - 1970's aqua and in Russian. Apparently a Russian bookstore in D.C. closed and WB bought all the inventory. They were a steal at $25 but what to do with them? I love Ollie's too - kind of like Big Lots but a very large book and stationary section. And all these crazy handwritten "Specials" signs. Very friendly staff. PopPop was a little concerned that all my purchases wouldn't fit in the van on the trip back as we were stuffed to the roof on the way out. With some creative packing we made it though. After shopping, we had some interesting pies at a nearby 50s style old school diner.
Hungry Baby Cow
Then we went to S. Mt. Dairy to feed the calves their afternoon bottle and to enjoy the fresh ice cream.
Corbin had so much fun - he realized that "cow" from his books = actual cows! It was neat to see the lightbulb go off - he didn't believe us at first when we insisted they were cows.
We also saw a very interesting bug. It was a very large Eastern Hercules beetle. It was a bit sluggish and in the process of being tormented by the barn cats, who were not intimidated by its horns. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died so I couldn't snap a pic but here's one from Google Images.

He was a really attractive bug. He finally managed to slip to safety under the barn siding. I was too afraid to move him myself, although it turns out the horns are just to impress the ladies and scare off competing suitors.

For our last day, we went to the Washington Co. Museum of Art to feed the ducks and spend a little time (an hour?) with the art there.
We also inadvertantly fed the yard-long carp that hung out in the pond with the ducks and kept leaping after the duck food. I thought Corbin was in danger of being swallowed whole but he laughed and laughed at the "fishies".

On the Museum Steps

Baby care activities (feeding...bath time...playing with toys...) were ALL fun!...Corbin is a wonderful little guy who smiles easily...loves everyone...and has started talking (single words for now). His Mt. Airy new word is "coffee." (Pronounced "coff-EEE"...accent on the last syllable...with gusto!) At breakfast, we all sat at the table with coffee mugs while he had his milk in a glass, and he would ask what we had (Big eyes and a whispered "zat?" while pointing?) After his Mom told him once that we had coffee, he started saying it every time he saw those mugs...and WANTED to taste some. No go on that idea, though. Mom has him on organic foods...super healthy NO coffee for Corbin! Barb got HIM a mug and put his milk in it. That worked the first time...then, he caught on and refused the "fake coffee."

Aunt P. and Uncle C

Thank you, Aunt P., for your great notes and most of all for the hospitality you and Uncle C. always show us.

Headed Back Home



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