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Sunday, July 05, 2009

City of Steel

The last Saturday in May, Corbin, Gramma and I traveled to Pennsylvania so Corbin could visit Pittsburgh for the first time. Now, he's already a big Steelers fan (in fact, he's only watched TV twice in his life - once for the Presidential Inauguration and then of course the Steelers most recent Superbowl victory!).

Working the Terrible Towel!

First stop - visiting my Uncle B. and Aunt S. We had a great time. Corbin called every animal there- real or decorative- an "og" (Corbinspeak for "dog"). Corbin has only seen Gramma's cat since learning "itty meow meow" (Corbinspeak for "cat"). Gramma's itty meow meow has short hair. Aunt S. and Uncle B.'s itty meow meow is big and fluffy - just like our dogs! It took quite a bit of talking on our part to convince him otherwise.

The Cool Whip Chapeau ....all the rage on the Spring runways.

Corbin enjoyed playing with Aunt S.'s dishes and she sang him a special Italian nursery rhyme.

Uncle B. and Aunt S. on the patio

Then it was off to visit Uncle C. and Aunt M. - Corbin had a great time playing with his cousins.

Uncle C. and Aunt M.

Can't wait 'til our next visit!


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