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Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's not easy being green


We have been taking turns here getting sick and passing it around. Strep, colds, you name it. Probably the only one here in a constant good mood is baby. We are always getting comments on how friendly and jolly Corbin is. He will wave and sometimes flirt with strangers, especially the ladies.

We worry and wonder every day whether we can make his life one of security, happiness, curiosity, and adventure. Quite a task to live up to when one considers our own challenges from day to day.

Other news (besides baby updates):

We are lining up a landscaper to rework the beds around the house and to prep the area that is soon to be a vegetable garden (pull up the sod, till the soil). Also in the works is a sand box and posts for a clothesline (shh don't tell the township trustees). I jokingly told my neighbor that the area we marked off was for the chicken coop we were going to put in >:)

Aiden stealthily grabbed a chicken bone the other day (my fault for leaving in range) and I have been appropriately punished by dog "sickness" from both ends.

Work goes well for both of us. Given the state of the economy, we really can't complain.

For those who we haven't socialized with or spoken to much lately, we are sorry. Between illnesses and projects, and adapting to our new schedule for Corbin, we are a bit trapped in our own universe. But we will come out of hiding eventually!

Now for baby pic:

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