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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Glass in Bloom

Chihuly Glass Boat

The weekend of Corbin's birthday, Corbin and I took in the Chihuly exhibit at Franklin Park Conservatory with Uncle C., Aunt P. and Gramma. Corbin was fascinated by all the plants and the various Chihuly glass sculptures were stunning surrounded by the all the plants.

When we first arrived, we had a chance to see the one of the Chihuly's in mid-installation.



It was fascinating to watch. I held my breath each time a new piece was handed up to the employee perched on a high step ladder until one of the employees mentioned that the Chihuly studio sends duplicate pieces for each installation "in case of accidents."

Gramma and Corbin

We also tried out Corbin's new sling. I was worried he would be restless and want down. He loved it! Gramma and I took turns all afternoon - it certainly makes baby-toting easier.

Later in the day, we met Daddy and PopPop at Menard's, a home improvement superstore in Lancaster, Ohio. Corbin had a blast zipping along on PopPop's scooter.

All in all, a great day!


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