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Friday, October 30, 2009

Twick or Tweat: A One to Three Ratio

Woof! Woof!

The day after Homecoming brought the first of Corbin's FOUR scheduled Trick or Treat events. Mr. Corbin had a very full dance card!

1. Huntington Hills T or T - our subdivision hosts a T or T event the Sunday before Halloween, with a parade and snack stations, in addition to day time T or T stops. Lee and I used to make fun of this event (T or Ting in the day!) but for little ones like Corbin, it's perfect.

2. Trunk or Treat at Maymee's and Baba's church - another fun event perfect for little ones.

3. Halloween Night - Traditional T or Ting in Nonny's neighborhood. In the dark - BOO!

4. Aunt Deb's - A quick trick up to Cleveland to T or T with Corbin's northern cousins.

Piggybacking through Huntington Hills

Corbin had lots of practice saying "Twick or Tweat!"at the Huntington Hills T or T. By the end, he had even mastered holding out his pumpkin for treats or putting them in the pumpkin himself. He hadn't quite mastered the "one treat per house" rule though!

Cookies just for Corbin

He was all ready for the rest of his crazy T or T week.

I Won a Soccer Ball!

Sadly, though, it was not to be. By Tuesday, Corbin was sick with walking pneumonia. Then Daddy got sick too. Then Mommy. Then Daddy again. So, it was good that we made it to the HH T or T, and good that Corbin's doggie costume is still a little big. He's got a year to practice "Woof! Woof! Trick or Treat?"

Happy (Belated) Halloween

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