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Friday, October 30, 2009

Please Do Not Pick Up By The Stems

Corbin Pickin' Out His Pumpkins

October kicked off with a celebration of Ohio in the Fall. We met family members at Pigeon Roost Farm in Health, Ohio to pick out pumpkins and wander around the farm. Joining us: Gramma and Pop Pop, Uncle D., Aunt C. and Baby E., Aunt C., Uncle J. and their son, Baba and Maymee and Lee's uncle from South Carolina. The weather was perfect - breezy but not too cold, sunshine and blue skies. Pigeon Roost offered lots of photo ops including this giant pumpkin pyramid. Very Oktoberfest!


Jean and Gramma

Corbin and Baba

Pigeon Roost has a large area filled with vendors, and more pumpkins, squash and gourds than I've ever seen in one place. And animals! There were bunnies, Nubian goats, donkeys, miniature horses, chickens and best of all - camels! By the end of the afternoon, Corbin had learned how to say them all, even the "cam-mels". The camels were super sweet dromedaries - the mama camel let us scratch her through the fence. Her fur was much softer than I expected. Corbin liked the bunnies and "chee-kins" the best, neither of which wanted to be petted.

Visiting the Bunnies

We had fun exploring the "haunted" woods and swinging/climbing/riding all the obstacles. I challenged Lee to a rubber duckie race. Our rubber duckies were powered by hand water pumps. Lee won according to the 13-old volunteer judge at the finish line, but if instant replay technology were available, I think the ruling would have been in my favor! And, while Corbin, Daddy and I didn't have time for the corn maze, we heard it was fun too. Of course, the best part of the day was spending time with family. This was my favorite moment of the day, right when we arrived at the farm. Corbin's older cousin is successfully keeping his two little cousins still and facing the cameras manned by parents and grandparents. Moments later Corbin and Baby E. both escaped!

Aren't We Cute!

Lee and I can't wait to make this a new tradition next year - hope to see you in the pumpkin patch in 2010!



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