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Friday, October 30, 2009


Corbin on the Practice Field

Back in October, Lee and I returned to Oxford for Miami University's Homecoming. This was Corbin's second homecoming and he had a great time. We drove in Friday night, hoping to make the parade. We'd missed the parade for the last several years and almost did this year. Made it into uptown just in time. Corbin loved the fire truck sirens the best....

Watching the Parade

...until he saw the Marching Band!

Current MUMB

We stayed with Jenn and her family - she is such a gracious hostess! Corbin loves both her children and was able to call them by name because their pictures are on the memo board in his room.

Jean and Jenn

Saturday was cold!!!!! There were several new changes this year to help celebrate Miami's bicentennial. One change - little Miami Marchers on the field during pre-game! Some alum skip marching each year because of child watching responsibilities. This year volunteers took the little ones - instruments in hand - out on the field so parents could march. They were so cute with their little bells and drums! Mr. Parker was in the stands taking pics with Corbin but I'm hoping next year Corbin and Daddy can be little Miami Marchers too!

Another big change - the alumni band was huge! We had hoped to have 200 members on the field and although we fell short we were well over 100. And, we had eight women on the color guard! Our typical number is three. It was so exciting to march with such a large group. For the feature number, the color guard was even charted in the front! Thanks to Jenn H. and Jenn I. we had a routine created in advance and managed a pretty solid, if brief, performance. And, our "M" marching down the field wasn't too shabby either!

The "M"

The reception site changed to the Millet Concourse to accommodate our larger group. I was a doubter (I don't like changing tradition!) but it was super convenient to come just up the hill to Millet from the stadium, the food was great and the board had put together a rather comprehensive slideshow for our viewing pleasure. It worked out really well. And of course the best part was spending time with old, good friends.

Jean, Charley and the Twins

Go Band!

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