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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree!
Continuing our horsey-themed holiday adventures, Gramma, Daddy, Mommy and Corbin headed out to the Log Cabin Tree Farm to cut down our Christmas tree. But first we had a yummy German lunch at the Clay House in Somerset Ohio.

We like the Log Cabin Tree Farm because, after enjoying free hot apple cider, everyone piles onto an open flat wagon pulled by draft horses - Percherons this year - and is dropped off at the tree type of their choice.
More Really Big Horses
It was very very cold and Corbin's boots were a little big, so he relaxed while Gramma and Mommy scoped the perfect tree and Daddy sawed it down.

I Love Nature!

Heading Back to the Cabin
It took us a bit of time (10 days) to get the tree up with lights. Corbin was a big help this year decorating. He called every ornament "reindeers" and asked every day after the tree went up if he could put more "reindeers" on the tree - with Daddy and Mommy's help of course!

Decorating the Tree


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