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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cookies Cookies Cookies

Poinsettia Rich Rolls
Each year, Gramma, Aunt D. and I get together for a cookie baking marathon. This year was my sister's year to host, so Gramma and Mommy headed north to Cleveland with Corbin riding along.


Just One...Please?

We all had a great time - playing with the train under the tree, acting as audience to J. and K.'s disco boogeying, and making 50+ dozen cookies. Corbin had an extra special treat too, playing with all of Aunt D.'s "little people" toys. Some even made it into the trunk for the trip home!

Little People
Next year, we're at Gramma's - but no more 48-hour baking marathons. Debra made us sign an affidavit swearing we would each commit to pre-baking so we could have one day in the kitchen and one having non-cookie fun!
Little Reindeer


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