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Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Christmas

Dreaming of Santa's Visit

We had a wonderful first Christmas with Corbin. He held up pretty well through the mad rush. Some pictures for your enjoyment.

What's better than the ribbon?

The Paper!

Joy to the World!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Tee Hee


Corbin is very free with his smiles but a little tougher customer when it comes to getting a laugh from him (although Mommy and Daddy know where his ticklish spots are). Gramma lured one of Corbin's first laughs out in the open back in November by helping this fuzzy bear pounce on Mr. Mouse.

Take a listen.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Corbin, Santa's new BFF

If you can't go to Santa...

Corbin was quite popular with Santa this year. They first met at the TWIG bazaar and Corbin and Santa have crossed passed many times since. Santa even visited Corbin at home!
(Notice the "Santa Loves Me" t-shirt!)

Turkey Time

Aunt C.'s Turkey Cupcakes

Wow - what a busy holiday time we had. And, once you fall off the blog wagon, it's hard to climb back on. But, since we have A LOT of news to report I thought I'd get back in the rhythm of my Sunday-night posts.

Corbin's first Thanksgiving week was a busy one. We had originally planned to travel to South Carolina so he could experience Lee's family traditions there. But the prospect of a very long drive (normally 13 hours without a baby) dissuaded us.

We had a lot of yummy Thanksgiving dishes though and made the rounds among all the grandparents. Here are some pictures.

Corbin and Uncle J.

Corbin with Baba

Bring on the Turkey, Maymee!

Corbin and Nonny

Have a great day!