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Monday, February 08, 2010

Play That Funky Music

From Daddy's car ride to work......

On the way to school, I had sports talk radio on.

Corbin - "Liten Mudit".

Me - "What's that buddy"?

Corbin - "Liten Mudit".

Me - Ohhh....Listen to music. (Check station - commercial, Check station - commercial, Check station - commercial)

Corbin - "Turn it off".

Me - Don't worry, we'll find some music.

Corbin - "Turn it off!"

Me - Here you go - (switch to CD out of exasperation).

Corbin - "MUSIC!" (happy)


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Adventures in Snow

Ready to Go!

What a beautiful snow we had on Friday - deep, brilliant and perfect for making snowpeople. So nice to come home on Friday evening to this wonderful surprise from our neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. S.

Hi Corbin

It was also perfect snow for sledding...



Hope you are enjoying the weather in your corner of the world.

I LOVE Skyline

Christmas Morning

Santa's Been Here!


Helping Mommy


Daddy's New Hats


Cookies Cookies Cookies

Poinsettia Rich Rolls
Each year, Gramma, Aunt D. and I get together for a cookie baking marathon. This year was my sister's year to host, so Gramma and Mommy headed north to Cleveland with Corbin riding along.


Just One...Please?

We all had a great time - playing with the train under the tree, acting as audience to J. and K.'s disco boogeying, and making 50+ dozen cookies. Corbin had an extra special treat too, playing with all of Aunt D.'s "little people" toys. Some even made it into the trunk for the trip home!

Little People
Next year, we're at Gramma's - but no more 48-hour baking marathons. Debra made us sign an affidavit swearing we would each commit to pre-baking so we could have one day in the kitchen and one having non-cookie fun!
Little Reindeer

I've Been Good, Santa Claus

Please Bring a Pony!

Every year, the good elves in our neighborhood put up a mailbox for letters to Santa. It was so special this year that Corbin was able to drop the letter in the box himself - even though he needed a little help writing it!

Then, a few weeks later, Santa Claus dropped by! Although we had talked about Santa for weeks, when Corbin saw him at the door he did not want to visit AT ALL. No sitting on Santa's lap, no smiling, no hellos - until the candy cane came out. Even then, Corbin just gave a little grin.

Shortly after Santa went onto the next house, Lee ran out to pick up dinner. Upon returning, he ran the doorbell. Immediately, Corbin shouted out "Santa Closet" and ran excitedly to the door, only to be disappointed. From then on, well into January, Santa Closet came up frequently in conversation especially when the subject was presents!
Santa Closet Visits Corbin

See you next year, Santa Closet!

Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree!
Continuing our horsey-themed holiday adventures, Gramma, Daddy, Mommy and Corbin headed out to the Log Cabin Tree Farm to cut down our Christmas tree. But first we had a yummy German lunch at the Clay House in Somerset Ohio.

We like the Log Cabin Tree Farm because, after enjoying free hot apple cider, everyone piles onto an open flat wagon pulled by draft horses - Percherons this year - and is dropped off at the tree type of their choice.
More Really Big Horses
It was very very cold and Corbin's boots were a little big, so he relaxed while Gramma and Mommy scoped the perfect tree and Daddy sawed it down.

I Love Nature!

Heading Back to the Cabin
It took us a bit of time (10 days) to get the tree up with lights. Corbin was a big help this year decorating. He called every ornament "reindeers" and asked every day after the tree went up if he could put more "reindeers" on the tree - with Daddy and Mommy's help of course!

Decorating the Tree