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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Capital City Celebration

View from the Hyatt on Capital Square

The week before Corbin's birthday in June, Lee and I decided to take advantage of an invitation to a wedding in downtown Columbus and have our first overnight without baby. On Saturday afternoon, we dropped Corbin off at Lee's mother and sister's house where we knew he would have a great time (and he did!), then headed downtown to check in at the Hyatt. We had plenty of time to get spiffy before traveling to the church in Upper Arlington.

On Our Way

Since this was my first post-pregnancy fancy outing, I was in need of a new dress. I tried to squeeze into my favorite "wedding-guest" dress, but the zipper just wouldn't co-operate! Dress shopping is always tricky - because I'm short, I need a "Petite". As new moms know, extra time to shop is hard to come by. I went shopping in little bursts, with no time for trying on in the store. I ended up with seven dresses! but returned all but this Calvin Klein "pistachio"-colored dress and a wrap dress for our Sunday outing.

The wedding was beautiful and we enjoyed the reception at the Columbus Museum of Art. Our favorite part of the evening was the cocktail hour in the sculpture garden. Very romantic!

Lee updated everyone on the rest of the evening in an earlier post. We slept in Sunday morning and woke to a gorgeous view.

State Capital Building View

After a relaxed brunch in the hotel's cafe, we headed across the street to see the musical "Chorusline" at the Ohio Theater. It was a great performance and hard not to sing along to all my favorites. Then, we headed back to the suburbs to pick up our little mouse. It was the perfect amount of time - I don't think we could have handled more than 24 hours away!

Glass in Bloom

Chihuly Glass Boat

The weekend of Corbin's birthday, Corbin and I took in the Chihuly exhibit at Franklin Park Conservatory with Uncle C., Aunt P. and Gramma. Corbin was fascinated by all the plants and the various Chihuly glass sculptures were stunning surrounded by the all the plants.

When we first arrived, we had a chance to see the one of the Chihuly's in mid-installation.



It was fascinating to watch. I held my breath each time a new piece was handed up to the employee perched on a high step ladder until one of the employees mentioned that the Chihuly studio sends duplicate pieces for each installation "in case of accidents."

Gramma and Corbin

We also tried out Corbin's new sling. I was worried he would be restless and want down. He loved it! Gramma and I took turns all afternoon - it certainly makes baby-toting easier.

Later in the day, we met Daddy and PopPop at Menard's, a home improvement superstore in Lancaster, Ohio. Corbin had a blast zipping along on PopPop's scooter.

All in all, a great day!

City of Steel

The last Saturday in May, Corbin, Gramma and I traveled to Pennsylvania so Corbin could visit Pittsburgh for the first time. Now, he's already a big Steelers fan (in fact, he's only watched TV twice in his life - once for the Presidential Inauguration and then of course the Steelers most recent Superbowl victory!).

Working the Terrible Towel!

First stop - visiting my Uncle B. and Aunt S. We had a great time. Corbin called every animal there- real or decorative- an "og" (Corbinspeak for "dog"). Corbin has only seen Gramma's cat since learning "itty meow meow" (Corbinspeak for "cat"). Gramma's itty meow meow has short hair. Aunt S. and Uncle B.'s itty meow meow is big and fluffy - just like our dogs! It took quite a bit of talking on our part to convince him otherwise.

The Cool Whip Chapeau ....all the rage on the Spring runways.

Corbin enjoyed playing with Aunt S.'s dishes and she sang him a special Italian nursery rhyme.

Uncle B. and Aunt S. on the patio

Then it was off to visit Uncle C. and Aunt M. - Corbin had a great time playing with his cousins.

Uncle C. and Aunt M.

Can't wait 'til our next visit!